Tuckerton Turf

Athletic Fields
Tuckerton Turf delivers the most recent varieties of turf blend grasses, specifically formulated for our area as recommended by Rutgers University Center for Turfgrass Science. With the latest cutting machines we deliver only the most durable product in the convenient four-foot big rolls. Call us for an on-site evaluation of your project.

We take the guesswork and the backbreaking labor out of turf grass installation. We forklift deliver on your mark, assist in estimating your order and provide a superior Heat-Tolerant, durable turf grass to give you the results you seek at a price you can afford.

Tuckerton Turf delivers a superior Heat-Tolerant, durable turf grass to your site using our own fleet of tractor trailers and Piggy Back forklifts within 24-48 hours. Call us for the most competitive pricing at (609)268-0615.

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Tuckerton Turf Farms • 326 Tuckerton Rd • Tabernacle, NJ 08088 • (609) 268-0615